Five ( 5 ) things upcoming artists need to do to be successful in the music industry.

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Five ( 5 ) things upcoming artists need to do to be successful in the music industry.

Almost every day, We discover a new artistes when you ask them why they want to do music? the first thing is; “I want to be the next big thing” but the biggest problem with most of our artistes is branding.

Besides talent, artistes need to create an image around themselves, stay visible, remain relevant and own their space in the rather overcrowded industry. You must become a business minded person.

Be clear on how you want to be perceived by fans and all the others you target. Some artistes make their brand centred on a sexual image while others just want to appear as bad boys.
Many times, your image will have to do with your target audience.

These are five ( 5 ) things upcoming artists need to do to be successful.

An artiste must be his or her own biggest fan before anyone. You must love your product and believe you are the most unique artist. Don’t just sit there and imagine a miracle will happen. Push your product to whoever cares, even if no one is giving you a show, you can play a free show or create your own show either at pops or a small community. And believe in me others will start calling you for a pay show. Just believe in yourself.

Ask yourself, Why are you a musician? Are you in it for the fun, money or fame, or…all of the above? Make sure you know what you want to achieve in your music career. That way, it will be clear in your mind what really motivates you.

What makes you stand out from the rest? How is it that you deliver your lyrics that keeps people thinking about your music and loving it? Dont try to mimic other artists, create your own legacy.

If singing, acting, modelling or whatever other art you are involved in is your career, then you must have a business plan as that is where your bread comes from. Take risks. Give it your all.

Some artistes get to thinking that the market does not like them while in the real sense; it doesn’t even know you exist.
My question is, Do you have a Website, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or a Facebook account were people can access details about you and your songs? Are you working with producers, promoters, event organisers as well as other artistes to get your name out there? Are you connected?
You need all these to be out there.

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Steven Kisuli Muendo

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