Vlisco launches: New Traditions, a celebration of thriving women


Powerful women, strong and independent – with an inner glow that echoes the beauty of their personal nature and the nature that surrounds them.

Vlisco’s new campaign was shot in Benin, capturing the radiance of its women and the fascinating tradition of aso ebi with the latest Vlisco Dutch Wax collection, New Traditions.

The campaign is a celebration of thriving women. With aso ebi, women of all ages dress in the same fabric design, each uniquely tailored to weave their personal flair into the fabric of the group’s life.

These women are making a statement to the world with the New Traditions collection – “I am because we are”. The new and classic prints honour both the unity of each individual and the group.

Special thanks to all the inspiring local designers, hairdressers, stylists, choreographers and the dedicated crew from Benin – as well as the women who shared their positive energy with us.

The film consists of powerful striking images and is a visual dance of lines and structures. The fabrics move through the different characteristic landscapes that make them come to life, strengthened by the women who wear them.

Fashion designers

Style Temple, Grace Wallace, Pepita D, Casterman, Esperancia Mode, Fathma, Ideal Mode Couture, Elisha Couture, Rafiou A.

Jewelry & styling


Chyba Jewelry

“African print is important to me because it reflects my heritage,” said Alexandra Ahouanmenou, who participated in the campaign. “My favourite moment was when all the women walked alongside us in the streets of Porto Novo. It felt like we were the stylish amazons of Benin – beautiful, strong, proud African women.”

About Vlisco:

Vlisco, a story as unique as our fabrics

Our heritage is quite unlike any other. Since 1846, we’ve created unique textiles influencing the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa.

These fabrics reflect true Dutch craftsmanship and are still known as ‘Hollandais’, from the French word for ‘Dutch’. We are in fact the only brand creating authentic Dutch Wax fabrics recognizable for their unique design, colors, and wax craquelé.

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